Monday, January 28, 2013

Spirit Week

We are celebrating homecoming this week. Each elementary class competes with bulletin boards. Our theme this year is Circus. Here is our bulletin board...
The lions are made out of all hearts. The legs are two hearts turned upside down.The mane is six hearts placed around the head. The ears are two hearts layered. The nose is a pink heart. The tale is a strip of paper and a heart on the end. I showed my kids my pattern and gave them directions. I love how each of them put their own spin on where the hearts should be. They were given the same pieces, but each one is different. The ring is a hulla-hoop being held up with wall hooks and tacks. I covered it with some red fabric I had lying around. I then cut out fire strips to place around the hoop. I added some tissue paper for a 3-D look! It was a fun craftivity today!

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