Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks Giveaway

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I am teaming up with Kim over at Life Over Seas for her Thanksgiving give away.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Center Day in Kindergarten

Phew! I am exhausted after a long week of Thanksgiving activities. The kiddos had so much fun when my partner teacher and I did rotating centers in between our rooms. We have rooms that are connected through bathrooms, so it makes it really easy for the classes to rotate. The kids worked really hard through 8 different centers. I found these centers through some of my TpT friends. I will link to their pages, so you can grab them as well.

Center 1

I grabbed this from Kay Sommer from Sommer Pride. You can grab the center here. My kids loved using cubes to measure different Thanksgiving meal items. I had fun helping educate them on different things to eat. I had many questions about the yams! haha

Center 2

We read a book about a silly turkey in shared reading and small group reading this week. The kids LOVED this book! They talked about silly turkeys all week! During centers on Friday, I had them use the silly turkey cards and sight word cards to build sentences. This pack comes from Jennifer at Crayons, Cuties, and Common Core.  Once they built the sentence, I had them write the sentence and draw a picture to illustrate. The recording sheet was not included in the pack, so I just made a quick one. The was a great pack and one of my favorites from the week! You can grab it here.

Center 3

Listening Center
The kiddos listened to "The Great Turkey Race". After they went back to a table and colored their favorite part of the story, copied the title of the book, and rated how well they liked the book. If you want to grab my listening center response pages you can here.

Center 4

In this center they had to use cube to build different thanksgiving meal items and record how many cubes it took to build the food. The kids had a hard time building the food items, so we modified and had them count the cubes in the examples and record that. After they were finished, we told them to try to build at least two. It was hard to build for my kinders, but would be perfect for firsties! You can grab it here.

Center 5

This was perfect practice for building CVC words. The kids searched through the fall leaves and built words on a mat we stuck into sheet protectors. This was loads of fun for the kinders. I tell my kinders that words that do not make sense or can't fit into a sentence are called monster words. Real words are robot words. I could hear them telling their friends, "No, that is a monster word." "Yay, you made a robot word!" Such little encouragers. You can grab this center here.

Center 6

Domino math addition center. This was a great review for addition within 10. We just finished our addition unit a week ago. We have moved onto subtraction, but it was a great review. The kids loved using the domino cards to write down addition sentences. This was also one of my favorites from the day. This center was from Kinderrific. You can grab it here.

Center 7

I can't believe I didn't take pictures of this center! I thought I had grabbed a picture of each center. The kids traced CVC words, built them with play dough, rhymed the word, and drew a picture of the word. I slid the work mats inside a dry erase protector and let them use dry erase markers to trace and draw. I loved the different activities they did with each word! Great for kinesthetic learners. Some of the rhyming did not fit or was hard for my kinders to find a word they understood that was rhyming. You can grab it here.

Center 8

They made turkeys out of little square scraps. I used squiggly scissors to pre-cut the squares and turkey body. I just love how some of these turned out! I got this craft idea from my teacher friend Katherine. She teaches preschool at our school. She made these this week with her littles.

Here is her cutie pie son (who is in my class) wearing his turkey hat we made.

Here are some pictures of some of my kiddos fall art work they completed in art this year. I just love our art teacher! She is so talented and does the cutest things!!

Now, do you see why I was tired?!?! After the day was over, I spent my afternoon breaking down my room from fall, cleaning, and setting up my Christmas tree. Shhh! Don't tell my littles!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving Centers? Share the links in comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful Kindergarteners

This week we have been teaching our kindergartners that being thankful means more than just saying we are thankful for something. God wants us to show that we are thankful by serving others or giving gifts.

I fell in love with the story Thanksgiving Graces this week. The story talks about a little boy who observes his father, mother, and grandmother invite more and more guests to Thanksgiving dinner. They had to pull up more chairs to make room for the extra guests. The boy in the story grows nervous that their won't be enough food to go around. His grandmother reminds him that God fed the 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. She told the boy that God would provide enough food. It is a reminder that Thanksgiving is about sharing the blessings that God has given you this year.

Here is a link to the book.

In the spirit of this book, we wanted to make a special card for our "special" teachers and the office staff. The kinders had a wonderful time going around and saying thankyou to the office staff,  janitor, cafeteria workers, art teacher, P.E. teacher, and librarian. Here are a few pictures from today.


Do you want your own printable tree? I have it with scripture and without scripture.
I will be glad to customize for you until Saturday, November 23.
You can reach me by email 
Click here to download for free.
Blogging the Blessings!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This week in Kinder World

We spent our week talking about Thanksgiving. We completed a Thanksgiving writing prompt.
Here is how we did it:
1. We completed a rough draft. I did not help them at all in this rough draft process. My kinders, begin with picture planning in pencil. After they use letter cards to help spell words using phonemic awareness. Here is a link to a free leter card in my store.

2. Next, we conducted peer editing. I wrote the sentences on the board. Without telling names, I had my kinders politely correct the work on the board. We covered things like finger spaces, pictures that match the story, capital letters and periods.

3. After that, we all went back to our tables and made corrections. The kiddos corrected their own papers, while I met with them individually. Early finishers were able to go to read to self and listen to reading during this time. I had on classical music. It was amazing how calm our classroom was. They were really busy working hard.

I grabbed this freebie from Teacher Mom of Three in last week's Facebook Frenzy. My kids loved completing this sentence activity.

We also spent a day reading "Thank you God" by Maria over at Kinder Craze. My kids loved it! I loved the Biblical Integration! It was really sweet hearing them read about God!
 You can grab her freebie here.

We finished our week with Friday Journals. Each week my kids write in journals on Friday. The parents write back to them over the weekend. I read the journals to them on Monday. They LOVE it!
Need some Thanksgiving Writing Prompts? Grab some of mine here.

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