This cart holds all of my student papers and any materials that they may need. Students turn in their work to the appropriate drawer. Once graded I place my students work in the "You've Got Mail" box to go home. I usually keep my teaching materials in the bottom crate. I can move the cart anywhere in the room; that makes it easy to move according to my needs through the day.

Here is my jobs board. The coach's assistant gets to help me in anything I need. The equipment manager manages papers and supplies. The pitcher is the line leader. The closer is at the end of the line and turns off the lights. The bat boy handles the snacks. The water boy handles the juice.

This is where students grab supplies that they may need during the day. I have sorted my coloring pages into the file folder for my art center. This makes it easier for the kids to keep it nice and organized.

It is never to early to begin forming words. The kids love to play Boggle. When their work is done they can use the Boggle board to form words. I change the letters each week.

I don't really have a "teacher desk". I like to keep my work area open for small group work. I really didn't think I would like it, but I haven't missed my "desk" and I love the spirit of community it bring in my classroom. Since this picture was taken, I have moved my pencils and things to the back counter and moved my desk away from the wall. This gives us more space for learning!

Sometimes it is hard for little ones to understand where their voice level should be. I have adapted these talking numbers to fit the needs of my classroom. I give them examples like "whisper in the library" My class knows that when I say, "You should be at a number 1", there is NOOO Talking!

If you can't tell already, I have a sports theme in my classroom. I like behavior boards that reinforce positive behavior. Every time I catch a child being obedient or being a good example, they get a "base hit" and can go to the first base (and so on). Foul is their warning. Strikes represent a time out, parent letter, or headmaster. The kiddos love playing our game of baseball. Sometimes positive encouragement of one child does wonders for the whole classroom.

Here is a wide shot of the room. We have a strict fire marshall. No lamps and nothing hanging from the sealing. My Smart Projector is my friend! He is mounted to the wall and I sectioned off the board with painters tape.


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