Sunday, November 17, 2013

This week in Kinder World

We spent our week talking about Thanksgiving. We completed a Thanksgiving writing prompt.
Here is how we did it:
1. We completed a rough draft. I did not help them at all in this rough draft process. My kinders, begin with picture planning in pencil. After they use letter cards to help spell words using phonemic awareness. Here is a link to a free leter card in my store.

2. Next, we conducted peer editing. I wrote the sentences on the board. Without telling names, I had my kinders politely correct the work on the board. We covered things like finger spaces, pictures that match the story, capital letters and periods.

3. After that, we all went back to our tables and made corrections. The kiddos corrected their own papers, while I met with them individually. Early finishers were able to go to read to self and listen to reading during this time. I had on classical music. It was amazing how calm our classroom was. They were really busy working hard.

I grabbed this freebie from Teacher Mom of Three in last week's Facebook Frenzy. My kids loved completing this sentence activity.

We also spent a day reading "Thank you God" by Maria over at Kinder Craze. My kids loved it! I loved the Biblical Integration! It was really sweet hearing them read about God!
 You can grab her freebie here.

We finished our week with Friday Journals. Each week my kids write in journals on Friday. The parents write back to them over the weekend. I read the journals to them on Monday. They LOVE it!
Need some Thanksgiving Writing Prompts? Grab some of mine here.

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