Saturday, April 26, 2014

M is for Monster Giveaway

I was recently introduced to a fabulous service. I was thrilled when my M is for Monster box arrived in my classroom. Mandy sent me a M is for Monster box to show me what she provides each month for toddlers through preschoolers.
This service is perfect for a busy parent who wants to provide educational activities for their preschooler. Each of the activities are great for the preschool age and help with fine motor skills and academic prep for kindergarten. The box comes with everything you need to complete the activities with your preschooler.
No more searching Walmart for activity books.
Mandy provides educational activities that you need for the whole month! The box comes monthly and is divided into four weeks. Each week has a theme and two to four activities that you can complete together. She makes it easy and provides directions for each activity. She also provides a list of supplemental songs, poems, and books that you can read to fit that theme. Essentially this is preschool in a box!!

Want to see what was in my box?

First, I noticed the directions and supplemental activities.

Everything was pre-packaged according the craft or activity. She even provided the markers and glue that I needed to complete the activities. I did not have to get anything!!!! Soooo EASY!

Week 1: Rainbows
Preschoolers completed letter R activities. My favorite activity had the preschoolers tear the provided tissue paper and glue inside the letter R. This helps with fine motor skills and great for letter recognition. This is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners!

We also made a rainbow craft! It was super cute.

Week 2: Kites
Activities included letter matching and counting and recognizing numbers. She also provided a terrific book about kites. I was excited that there was a book in the box that matched the theme! It would be perfect for a preschooler to point out the word kite and letters they recognize. If you have a kindergartener, it is a perfect reader for them!

I loved that these activities were something that I could have my kinders complete over and over again. Each piece is made out of a thick cardstock and will not bend easily. Perfect for little hands.

Week 3: Bunnies and Carrots
This week fell the week of Easter. So, it was perfect timing! Preschoolers participated in a pre-writing activity where they practiced capital and lowercase letter recognition. 
She also provided a carrot counting activity. This is a great activity that practiced counting numbers in the teens and it could be completed over and over again. This would be perfect for kindergarteners.

We made an adorable bunny puppet!

Week 4: Flowers
This week was my favorite and my kinders LOVED planting the tickle me plant. We planted it the week before spring break. One of my kinders took the plant home to care for it. She sent me the picture below. She says every time you touch the plant it dances! I can't wait to see it on Monday!

Also, inside the box was a plant craft. What I loved about this craft was that the flower petals were made out of fabric. It was fun to touch. That is great for preschoolers. They also practiced placing petals in order by size. This is wonderful for little minds!

As a kindergarten teacher, I think these activities are wonderful for preschoolers and kindergarteners! This is a fantastic service and makes it really easy for moms to provide quality educational activities for their preschoolers.

Mandy is providing my readers a 20% discount. Use the code KINDER to receive your discount. This discount is valid through May 10, 2014.

She is also giving away one box to one lucky reader. You can enter the giveaway below!

Yay! Are you excited!?!?

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