Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monsters in the Classroom!

My kids love monsters. I use monsters to explain that words are not real. I tell them that monsters really don't know how to talk, so they mess up real words. Monsters say things like "ack" and "arg". Here is how I use Monsters in my classroom.
Monster glasses help you read sight words and real words  in books and they also help you figure out which words are monster words. They are special glasses that give us "an extra set of eyes".

I told my kids that the monsters messed up all of my worksheets and flash cards. I needed their help to sort real words from monster words. The kids throw the monster words into the monster trash can and record the real words.

These monsters sure are pesky! They like to mess up our morning work worksheets too!

I use this rhyme to teach word families.

You can find all of these activities and more in this "Monster Word Family Bundle". Click the picture to view the product.


How do you teach word families? Do your kids like monsters? Comment below and let me know.

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