Friday, September 19, 2014

Dick and Jane

I didn't have the privilege of growing up with Dick and Jane, but my Mama did. Now she wouldn't want me to tell you how old she is, but I did say "Dick and Jane."

See Dick.
See Dick run.
Run Dick, Run.

See Jane.
See Jane run.
Run Jane, run.

Growing up I thought that Dick surely did chase Jane a lot. Then along came Spot and Sally. And it seemed to me they all just ran around like crazy.

The point is when I became a kindergarten teacher, my Mama was so happy I was finally going to get to teach her beloved Dick and Jane.  Now, there is nothing wrong with Dick and Jane mind you. Dick and Jane taught a lot of kids to read. However, we are now past the days of Dick and Jane and living in the days of iPad apps.

I recently met two fabulous teachers Lynn Klaiman and Sara Hines who have created an iPad app designed to help kinders learn read through repetition of rhyming word family words and common sight words. And what kinder does not love an iPad? Heck! They don't even realize they are learning. That is a win win situation. I win because it is a quick and easy resource that I can grab in an instant. The kiddos win because it is fun and educational at the same time.

Here are a few snapshots of inside the app.

Here is the link to the free version. Check it out!

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