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Harry Kindergarten & Bonnie Kathryn Kinders & Beyond Giveaway!

By show of hands, who loves Pete Harry from Harry Kindergarten?

I do! I do!

If you have not heard of Harry Kindergarten on YouTube yet, you might live under a rock! :-) If you are living under a rock, let me bless your little heart with this FABULOUS resource.

Harry Kindergarten was created back in 2009 with "random" videos for his students. Well those "random" videos have found their way into thousands of classrooms across the world! With over 70 million views and almost 66,000 YouTube subscribers, Harry Kindergarten has brought a much needed spark and spunk to our Kindergarten and lower elementary classrooms.

I recently had the privilege of talking to Pete Harry over the phone. He shared with me his passion for teaching and creating fabulous resources for you guys!

Do you remember the old saying from your parents or grandparents, "I walked to school up a hill, both ways, in the snow!"? Well, Pete Harry really does walk to school in the snow!! And Pennsylvania winters are HARSH! My little southern belle tushie loves my heated car seats and waits by the phone with bated breath for school cancellation at the first sign of snow!

Harry Kindergarten Videos are a great way to create an interactive classroom and keep students engaged! I use his videos to introduce new concepts or provide a brain break for my students.

I love his alphabet videos like Learnin' My Letters and Snowball Fight. Here is a preview of Learnin' My Letters.

You can purchase Snowball Fight on his website for $2.49! You should have seen my kids faces when  I told them we were going to have a snowball fight...This is a class favorite!

Purchasing videos is soooooo worth it! You won't have the hassle of waiting for YouTube to upload the video (especially if your school internet is SLOW as Molasses!) You won't have to worry about other videos, like Dora the Explorer, popping up at the end of the video and your kids shouting "Click Dora! Click Dora!!!"

These videos get your kids moving and trigger their memory. They will be singing the songs all day...and so will you! Just wait, you will be hooked faster than you can say "Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me!" JK

I like activities that are interactive and engaging for students. When I create or look for resources, I like resources that match my interactive classroom environment. An interactive classroom is a great way to keep your students engaged and practice many skills at one time.

My top seller on TpT and featured as a Top 100 Product on TpT is my Interactive Alphabet Books. These interactive books allow students to practice letter recognition and letter sounds while practicing  fine motor skills. These books are great for beginning of the year book boxes, if you have a Daily 5 classroom.

Here is what customers are saying:

I needed something to supplement our Journey's reading series for seat work. This was great for students who finished early but still needed to work on letters/reading skills. It also is a wonderful way to incorporate fine motor skill development into reading. -Jessica

This is superb! I can't wait until next year to use it. It is so comprehensive and I love the fact that it is interactive. I will use it weekly next year. There is nothing I would change. I love every single part of it. You did a great job. Thanks so much for creating a product that will benefit my kinders while helping me as a teacher be more effective. -Buyer 

Holy Moly! Packed with awesome activities that will help not only reading skills, but cutting and pasting, etc! Thank you so much! -Jenny

So now that I have made you fall in love with Harry Kindergarten and my Alphabet books, I am sure you just can't wait to stock up on both resources!

Well, I have good news for you!

Pete Harry. Love Him. Is giving away 3 videos or 6 music downloads from his website.

And little ole' me is giving away one of my Interactive Alphabet Books Bundle.

Can I get a a whooohooo!?!?

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How do you use Harry Kindergarten in your classroom? Comment Below!

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