Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Feature Teacher: Meet Vicky

I am really exicited about this week's Friday Feature Teacher. I met Vicky on my first week of selling on TpT. She was happy to give me plenty of advice and share her wisdom. She was such a great help to me in the beginning! And I absolutely love her products! I know you will too!

Meet Vicky from SciPi :-)

How many years have you been teaching?


Together, my husband and I have taught for over 70 years, and neither of us would want to do anything else! He teaches science, and I currently teach remedial math on the college level.

What is your favorite memory as a teacher?

Having one of my ornery third graders in my college education classes.

Tell us about your teaching style.

Hands-on and energetic

Tell us something interesting about you.

I am a cancer survivor that shouldn't be here!!!

What can we find on your blog?

Articles on how to teach mathphobics!

What is your favorite product in your TpT store? Why?

Number Tile Activities for Grades 5-8

It allows students to be challenged and to practice math while having fun. Since the students have the freedom to move the tiles around, they are more engaged and more willing to try multiple methods to find the solution.

TpT products by Vicky

Number Tiles: Problem Solving Activities for Grades 5-8



Check out her TpT Store Here:

Check out her Blog Here:

Go Figure

Go visit Vicky and tell her I sent you! She is a fabulous lady and has some great resources on her blog!

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