Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday Journals

Each Friday my kinders write in a journal entry about something they have learned during the week. The kinders take the journal home to mom and dad. The parents write back to their children and I read some of the letters back on Monday of the new week. The kids LOVE hearing what mom and dad have to say. It cracks me up when I hear them respond with "AWE!!" when they hear another child's letter from home.

At the beginning of the year we started with just letter sounds. Now we have moved to creating sentences with sight words they know. They are allowed to use a word bank that I keep in my classroom. They also use a letter chart to help them remember letter sounds. You can grab one for free here.

Here are some pictures from this week's entries. I am in love with them. I think their little drawings are precious and I just had to share!

This one cracks me up...The pictures are sweet, but notice that Mary, Joseph, and the Angel all have sad faces.

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