Monday, March 7, 2011

Bachelor Retraction

I am sorry Michelle. I recently posted about your well umm.... mean tendencies. I now believe that you fell victim to bad editing. Your sarcasm did not  come across well on T.V. Looking back on the T.V. show, I can see your sarcasm. I think that you would agree that you said some things that you did not mean. All of the girls said things that they should not have said.

Tonight, as I watched the Bachelor, I felt sorry for you. I completely disagreed with the way you were attacked tonight. The comments were unnecessary, uncalled for, and rude.

Does anyone agree? disagree? What are your thoughts on Michelle Money?
Did you have a clue that night that you wouldn't get a rose?
Something was off ... After our photo shoot and time to talk at the pool, something felt different. His kisses weren't as passionate or emotional. I could tell his heart was with someone else. In my opinion, that's when he started falling in love with Emily.

Why not talk to him on the way to the limo or once you were inside?
Brad and I did have a personal, positive conversation that gave me closure and helped me feel confident in his decision. They didn't show it. I had a lot to say in the limo as well ... Me laying down was a result of being car sick from talking to the camera while driving down a bumpy road with lights in my face. I was going to throw up.

Are you worried about how you were portrayed and how it will affect your future dating prospects?
Once you meet me face to face and have a conversation, it's very clear that I'm not a villain. I'm not worried about dating. I've just had a hard time finding people to date in Utah. Being a single mom, it's hard to get out and travel and meet men. I'm hopeful. I want to get married and have more kids. I want to be in a committed, healthy relationship with somebody who is confident, can make me laugh and can be a great example to my daughter.,,20467631,00.html

I have read spoilers that say Emily wins. I have also read spoilers that Chantal is who Brad chooses. Who knows? We will see next week!

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