Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eventful Afternoon and Adrian Rogers

Excuse my post...

I published before I even had anything written.

Today, I lost my debit card, license, and any card that has some importance. I could remember the exact place that I last had the card. However, my wallet was missing! I was look at the E empty light beaming at me in my car and searching for my missing card. I thought I was going crazy. I had remembered placing it in my purse in the side pocket.

I decided to drive home on fumes and see if it had accidently spilled out at home. I walked in and looked around. No billfold to be found! I sat down and dumped both of my school bags out. Still not there!

I prayed.

Something nudged me to go outside and look under the seats of my car. I looked. Not there. Then I felt a stronger nudge to move the seats. Guess where it was? It was in the middle, underneath the passenger seat of my car! Now, you tell me how it got there?

All I know, is Jesus helped me find my billfold this afternoon.

The time that I got all of that done and gas in my car. It was too late to go to church.

I spent my night praying for my church family  and watching Adrian Rogers. Oh, how I love to listen to Adrian Rogers preach.  The sermon that he gave from Numbers 13 of Caleb's faith and belief in the power of God, was just what I needed to hear tonight. In fact, I am listening to this sermon again right now as I am typing.

"If Jesus Christ is in you, you have all that you need."

all the patience

all the power

all the wisdom

all the joy

I tried to embed the video for you, but it would not work. If you click here, it will send you to the thirty minute sermon.

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