Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Brett Marlowe!

Today I was busy, busy, busy answering calls and emails about summer camp! Woohoo! I also spent time working on my curriculum maps. We have to turn in our course objectives, units, and assessments for the year.

Today is Brett's birthday. We are headed to dinner to celebrate!


Cute Kids Sayings Today

"Ms. Hunter, I have peach fur growing on my lip." "Do you mean peach fuzz?" "Nope, peach fur." "Oh, you're a little young for that." "Do you have any Ms. Hunter?" "I sure hope not!" :-)

Said by another teacher: "Ms. Hunter sure is young and fun." Child: "Yeah, and she is single too!!" :-) I laughed out loud on that one, considering this was first grade child! He is a hoot!

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