Friday, March 11, 2011

Hard Working Men at CCS

Our headmaster at school recently purchased new smart projectors for our classrooms. I am excited about using these projectors as teaching tools in the classroom. These past two days some men have been installing these projectors into all of the teacher's rooms. It really spoke volumes to me as I watched how hard these men worked. They were so kind and polite to us in the school.

The two men arrived yesterday morning and began working on the high-school hall. When I left yesterday, they had only 2 projectors fully put up and working. We encouraged them to get a hotel room and rest that night instead of driving back to Clayton. Katherine was able to get them a discount for the Jameson Inn. When we arrived this morning the men had not left to go home. They worked all through the night.

They had finished one room on the elementary hall and was working in two other rooms. The kids and I made them a pot of coffee. They were MUCH appreciative. :-) I don't drink coffee so it was quite a sight watching me try to figure out the coffee pot. One kid asked me, "Ms. Hunter, Do you know what you are doing?"

When lunch time rolled around, we offered to go buy them lunch. We offered our extra pizza. They declined and said that they would keep on working and be out soon. I knew that these two men had to be exhausted!!!

The kids volunteered to help gather all of the boxes and trash and put it into an empty classroom. They loved this task and it was a great way for them to serve.

At five-thirty today the hard-working men finally got to go home to their family. This father and son team worked diligently all day, all night, and all day to finish the job, so that on Monday morning the teachers and students of CCS will walk into new classroom technology.

Praise God for this Blessing!

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