Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brad and Emily

Well it is the day after the Bachelor...

Brad chooses Emily! The whole season we all assumed that Brad was going to choose Chantal, but a few weeks ago to our surprise Brad chooses Emily. Emily has been my favorite from the beginning.

Something that bothered me last night on the "After the Rose" show, is that one minute Chantal is crying over Brad not choosing her and discounting his relationship with her and in the next minute she is declaring her love for this new guy. Go Figure!

No doubt Brad probably liked Chantal, but I have this theory that the Bachelor and or Bachelorettes choose their final person long before they get to the final two. There is no way that you can convince me that they make a decision like that in one day. Most of them probably know early on in the season and are forced to say certain things to keep viewers like me hanging on.

We learned last night of the rocky road that Brad and Emily have had over the pas few months. I can certainly see why that is the case. Emily expressed that she would have nervous breakdowns every Monday night and Tuesday. I would too! I don't think that I could ever sit and watch my fiance make out with other women and talk about how much he likes them! Oh nay nay!

I have high hopes for this couple! Out of all the seasons that I have watched, this couple displayed, in my humble opinion, the stamina to make it through. They seemed to be thinking in real world contexts.

Here is an article I read from Yahoo OMG!

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- While "Bachelor" fans continue to debate if Brad and Emily are still together, host Chris Harrison tried to put some of the rocky romance rumors to rest.

"I can assure you, they are together," Chris told Access Hollywood on Tuesday morning, following Monday night's season finale, which saw Brad propose to Emily.

After the finale, the couple hit the annual "After the Final Rose" show and revealed they've indeed hit a few bumps in the road along the way.

I've actually talked to Brad. We taped the final rose special about a week ago, but I've talked to him several times since... and they are as good as they've ever been," the reality host added. "They're doing fantastic and Brad... he wanted everyone to know that they're as good and as strong and as sure about their relationship as ever."

In fact, the couple watched the finale and the "Final Rose" on TV together, Chris revealed.

"She's in Austin and went to his home to watch the finale last night and they actually went out last night. So, they went out on the town in public for the first time," Chris said, revealing a text message he got from Brad on Tuesday morning with the information. "He could not be happier, doing great ... and so, again, the whole reason they're not here today, they want to get the heck out of the spotlight and start living their life."

On Tuesday, ABC released a statement on behalf of Brad and Emily, noting their wish to be left alone.

"At long last, Emily and I can be open to the world and each other about our relationship. Though we are madly in love, it has been a bumpy couple of months for us and our priority right now is to focus on our relationship. We hope that you can respect our privacy as we return to normalcy and begin our off-screen lives together," the statement from the couple read.

When it comes to the wedding, it wasn't necessarily marrying Brad that Emily was opposed to - but rather, what she wanted to avoid was having a secret TV wedding -- according to Chris.

"We planned it and we wanted to do it, but Emily was like, 'You're not going to make my wedding day a secret. I'm not going to be able to send out invitations, have my friends and family and make it a huge [day],'" Chris explained, adding that he understood her position. "A first marriage, a first wedding, you don't steal that from a woman. That's a very special day and so even though we could have brought some family in, it wouldn't have been the event that she wants it to be."


Despite cynicism from viewers and fans, having seen more than his share of TV proposals first-hand, Chris insists Brad and Emily have what it takes to make their relationship last.

"You know, I do [think it will last]. Look, it's so easy to say it won't. Statistically, it won't work. Statistically, your neighbors are going to break up and they're going to get a divorce, so it's easy for people to be like, 'Yeah, they'll be done in a week' or whatever. But I don't know. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I know these people and I know they want to make it work," he contended. "Do they have their work cut out for them? Absolutely.


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