Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Created to Worship and Obey

I had the opportunity to speak in elementary chapel this morning.

Here is what we talked about....

God spoke into existence                                           the day

the night

the land

the sea

the birds of the air

the creatures

God created and formed into existence male and female.

God spoke creation into existence. God created and formed man into existence.

Male and female he created them in his image. Gen. 1:28

God gave them the mandate to be fruitful and multiply. God gave male and female a purpose for living. Gen. 1:29

God gave Adam a job. His job was to cultivate and keep. The hebrew translation of cultivate and keep is worship and obey. Gen. 2:15

God created us to worship and obey Him.

God created us to worship Him.

How can we worship God? How can we praise God?

Worship is ascribing to God his worth, glory, and honor. Praising God is our response to what God has done for us on the cross.

We can worship God through our thoughts, words, actions, and prayers.

God created us to worship Him.

God created us to obey Him.

How can we obey?

We obey God by honoring his word and commandments.

What is the greatest commandment that we are given?
Love God and Love Others

We obey God by

We are created to obey.

The sole purpose for all human beings living here on this earth is to worship and obey God by ascribing to God all of HIS glory and honor.

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