Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cupid Richard and Sweetie Nancy

Valentines Day Story #1

Many of you know my mother as "Sweetie". Perfect name for her!

One of mine and my mothers favorite Valentines Day candy is the sweetheart candies with messages on them. We love them because you can come up with fun and silly things to say to a person via the sugar candy hearts.

If you dare to walk in the organized chaos of Nancy's Flower Shop on Valentines Day you might would find a bag of those candies lying around along with a great assortment of chocolate. FYI chocolate on Valentines day is for the florist not the girl. This year, give your local florist the chocolates and give your girl the bouquet. Florist need the chocolates to calm the stress.

The week of Valentines day is spent by taking orders, skinning roses (cutting the thorns off), organizing timed orders, skinning roses, routing orders, skinning roses, taking orders, skinning roses.

Bonnie, did you skin the roses yet? Hey Bonnie! Process those flowers and get them in the cooler. Somebody answer the phone!

Yes, the hectic-ness of the week may make your brain tired, but we would not trade it for anything. It brings us utter joy to see the eyes of a lady light up when we walk in with a bouquet of flowers with her name on it. It melts our heart when we see tears in a grandmother's eyes as she has just received a bouquet from her grandson. It brings us excitement when we see men gush when they talk about their sweethearts. This very reason is why I love Valentines Day and miss working at Mom's shop.

There is also one important discussion that takes place the week before Valentines day. What will we wear? Mom can come up with some crazy things for her staff to wear that day. I think that it adds an element of fun to that day. Feather boas, heart headbands, and twinkling necklaces have all been apart of our Valentines Day attire.

Breakfast and Lunch is always provided by Mom. Mom aka Sweetie will make a pot of chili or taco soup for her ladies to eat. You are lucky if you get to sit down long enough to eat a bowl. Well, let me correct myself, Mom would always make sure her employees ate. Mom rarely gets to eat.

Yes, it is hard work, but we have created memories that will last a lifetime and we love the tradition of Valentines Day!

Tomorrow: Delivery Adventures with Cupid Richard aka Daddy!

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