Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flower Buying Tips

This guy has some good tips. I disagree with some of his tips. Watch and I will explain below.

1. I agree, beware of internet ordering. You may end up with flowers that arrive in a box. Box delivered flowers are not shipped in the vase or in water. You will have to arrange the flowers once they arrive.

2. Ordering flowers online with big companies is not wise. These are called "flower order gatherers". These orders are taken online and sent to the real local florist to fill the order. Ex. You may order an $85 arrangement. The florist receives the same order for $50. Where does the money go? The money goes to the order gatherer and your recipient does not receive what you paid for in the beginning. You may call to complain and they will blame the florist. This is not the florists fault. These order gatherers will make promises that the florist can not keep. The customer always suffers.

3. The local florist is the best bet! You will receive more for your money and the designers will create something specifically tailored to your needs. Beware of this guys advice with Google. Ex. There are several local florists listed in my mom's small town. However, she is the only local florist. These florists even list a local address. They lie! It is deceiving.

4. If you are from out-of-town, call the florist and ask a few specific questions. What address are you located at? Are you an answering service for the florist? Are you in the location of the florist? Some larger local florists do have answering services. However, you should be able to tell by spending a few minutes on the phone. I promise calling is worth the hassle!

5. I disagree to only choose a florist that has 6 more full-time paid employees. The amount of employees does not always necessarily mean the quality of a florist. I have known several premiere florists that did not have 6 full-time employees. My mom does not have 6 full-time employees. There are plenty of premiere and quality florists that don't have that many people working. Most florist will hire seasonal help just for Valentines day delivering. They may also hire seasonal designers.

6. Why are flowers so expensive on Valentine's Day? Don't blame your florist. I promise the florist does not mark up the prices of flowers. In fact they wish that they could sell you the flowers for cheaper. However, wholesalers and distributors mark up the prices of flowers before Valentine's day because of the demand. Roses can go up 50 cents over night. A florist will do the best that they can to ensure you receive quality for the best price.

7. Build a relationship with your florist. If you haven't already, start now. Florists can cater better to your needs if you build a relationship with them. A florist can't know you by reading a generic order over the internet. You will have more creative and tailored designs this way.

8. Don't try to design the flowers yourself. They are the professionals! You will have better results this way. Designers choice is always the best way! You can tell them the types of flowers you like if you are nervous. Ex. I don't like carnations. If you build a relationship with a florist, they will know these things about you.

9. What about cheapo Valentine's Day flower deals? These are deceiving! Most of the time these flowers are what other florist may be ready to through out the door. Also, they are a cheaper quality of flowers that will die much quicker! Tonight, I went to a local store and saw some men looking at roses. I wanted to tell them that the roses they are looking at will be dead by Valentine's Day. Florists always have better quality flowers.

Hope this helps you!

Please be in prayer for my mother and father. Mom is really really sick with some kind of cold. I have never heard her sound so bad. She needs strength for Monday! Pray for her healing. Please also pray for my Daddy. His knee is red and swollen. They think it may be a bite of some kind. He is having trouble walking. Please also pray for his healing. Mom and Daddy can not be sick on Valentine's Day. This is vital.

To all of my florist friends out there.... I will be praying for you Cydney, Cydney's Dad, Susan, and Lauren! Have a fabulous Valentines Day!

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