Thursday, February 10, 2011


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The morning of Valentines Day is always an early one. In fact we were lucky if we got sleep.

Mom is always organized and knows what orders goes where. She has this meticulous plan of how the delivery process should go. Each delivery vehicle is equipped with water for flowers, maps, pens, we missed you cards, a phone book, cell phone, pepper mints and food for the drivers, and flower emergency kits.

Cupid Richard on the other hand has a philosophy of the more orders he can grab for delivery the better! He walks in like a tornado grabbing up orders. He is a man on a mission. Mission: Get the job done. Mom just turns circles. They balance each other out.

Riding with Daddy can bring some adventure. His job is to drive and my job is to jump out and deliver the flowers with a smile. One thing I love is that Daddy will stop and get a snack or something to drink. We don't tell mom. Snacking does not fit her schedule.

One delivery I went on was delivering to a older lady. I jumped out of moms ford explorer with the beautiful flowers in my hand and a smile on my face. I knocked on the door and waited. I hear "Just a minute!" I waited and waited and I waited a couple of minutes more.

Then to my surprise the lady walked to the door in nothing but her brassiere and granny panties! Now answer me this, why in the world did it take her ten minutes to get to the door if she was just going to come to the door in her skivvies?

Oh my!

I have always been Cupid Richard aka Daddy's valentine. In fact, he makes sure that I have a beautiful bouquet of  flowers and or a stuffed animal. He is so sweet. My mother on the other hand wants chocolates and a foot massage!

Daddy will you still be my valentine?

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