Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting Personal

I have debated all day whether or not to put this on the blog today....

I am still debating as I am typing...oh well here it goes.

I, Bonnie, have been eating way to good and too much! :-) Too much Cook Out. Too much Pinos. Too much good cooking. Too much! I have noticed that I have gained weight since I have graduated seminary.

I don't think that I am fat, but I do need to lose the weight that I have gained!

Can I blame it on metabolism? Surely my metabolism has not started slowing down at 25.

Excuses! Excuses! I just need to get back to exercising and eating less.

So, here I embark on a new journey, along with the blog, getting back to my normal weight. This will be slow and healthy. I know that I will feel much better if I am at my normal weight again.

I have noticed that I have been sluggish and tired lately. Exercise and healthier foods will do me well.

I do not plan to write about this much, but I am sure that it will be apart of my blog somewhat. :-)

Day 32

Blogging the Blessings

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