Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to School for the Kiddos and Me!

Today was our first day back to school from Christmas break. It felt good to get back to somewhat of a routine. However, since school was cancelled two days before our break due to an early snowfall the kids are making up exams the next two days. This means that I had 7th grade from lunch time until the 3:00 bell. It was certainly different having them all afternoon rather than the usual 50 minute class period. Tomorrow...8th grade.

Aftercare was a slim day with kids. They are learning the new organization system for their games. Yesterday on the teacher workday I labeled where each toy went. I dared them to mess anything up today! They did well. The kids seemed to proud that their shelves were organized and everything had a place.

I came home with a bit of a stomach ache today. Tonight I have been relaxing watching a chick flick classic "Fools Rush In". :-)

Thanks be to God: Mom called and said that Daddy was driving his tractor home from the hay field. Mom followed in the car and noticed that Daddy seemed to be wobbling. She said that at one point she thought that he was about to drive the tractor off into a steep ditch. Daddy admitted he thought the tractor was going to go into the ditch as well. When they arrived at home Daddy noticed a bolt (or something) that holds the front tires on was broken. Oh man! If that front tire had come off the tractor... Praise God it didn't and Daddy is safe!

Things I am praying for today: Praise Daddy is Safe, Raleigh Road BC, Women's Bible study at church, presentation of the summer camp schedule to the public....praying for a strong response! I found out one of my college friends' 5 year old little girl passed away (Elizabeth Cooke) Peter and Jessica Cooke, My students, Family, and Friends.

Day 2

Love Ya!
Bonnie Kathryn

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