Friday, January 28, 2011

Puzzle Explosion

How did the my back table of my classroom get to look like this?


It all started with this....

One of my students put this together, but it was missing pieces. So, she got another puzzle out to find the missing pieces.


We found some of the missing pieces, but not all of the missing pieces. So, we did this..

Then this....

Then this today...


So, today we decided to take all the puzzles out and work on them to find missing pieces. Yes, we have been somewhat successful. We are determined to find all the puzzle pieces! I am determined to frame them if we find the missing puzzle pieces.

We worked almost three hours today on the puzzles. I am impressed with the diligence of my after-school kids

Therefore, we end up with a table that has exploded puzzle pieces.

Blogging the Blessings

Day 26


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