Monday, January 31, 2011

Cookout and The Bachelor

There is nothing like filling my stomach with a cheese burger and fries from Cookout and settling in for a night of watching the drama unfold on The Bachelor. Emily is by far my favorite! She speaks with maturity and class. The fact that she lives in North Carolina helps a little too!

I know that many of you roll your eyes at the thought of watching the Bachelor. However, the hopeless romantic in me loves to watch the women go on romantic dates. I agree with most of the Bachelor critics in that the women are emotional and just plain silly. They fall head over heals in love with the Bachelor before they finish their first date with the guy. To me, that is silly and stupid.

However, I am not in their shoes and the producers design this show to provoke fast emotions. I believe that fast emotions are not wise and not based on a solid foundation.

Things that I love about the show... I have a degree in sociology. The sociologist in me loves watching the dynamics of how the women interact with each other and with the Bachelor. And... of course I like the romance...even if it doesn't always last. :-)

What are your thoughts on the bachelor? Who is your favorite and why?

Okay... Here it is.... Emily for Bachelorette! (if she doesn't win)

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