Friday, January 21, 2011

Homecoming Memories

Tonight ended our Homecoming celebration at CCS. Homecoming brought back so many memories of old traditions at HHS....

working on the homecoming float until late at night....

long cheerleading practices to get ready for the pep-rally....

goody bags for the football players.....

painting the run through banner (homecoming meant we would always make it bigger and better...we would see how tall we could get it on our run through poles)

wearing corsages my mom made

the parade

riding in the back of Big Al's convertible for the homecoming parade

homecoming court walking in the arms of my Daddy.

OH sweet memories. I love the new memories that I am making at CCS. CCS students play games during lunch time. It was quite hilarious watching them shake ping-pong balls out of a kleenex box strapped to their backsides! Want a laugh? Just try it!

CCS decks out the stage in the cafetorium with beautiful decorations and everybody watches the homecoming court parade into the cafetorium the girls looking beautiful and the boys looking handsome. This year was neat seeing the students that I have grown to love so much. I am so proud of them as they play in the game, cheer the team on, and represent their classes for homecoming,

God has blessed me at CCS.


From Thursday: God blessed me with the opportunity to share the gospel with three of my students and spend some quality time with another student by putting together a puzzle.


Blogging the Blessings

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