Saturday, January 15, 2011

Memory Lane Cheesecakes!

Growing up my favorite dessert was cheese cake! Especially the petite cheese cakes that my grandmother Kitty would make for me. When I turned sixteen, she baked sixteen petite cheese cakes for me to enjoy. I guarded those cheesecakes and dared anyone to touch them.

Recently I have been thinking about the cheesecakes and craving their deliciousness! When my Sunday School class announced that we were having a pot luck party to celebrate a new year and God's faithfulness through last year, I knew that this would be the perfect time to have Kitty's cheesecakes.

So, today I baked them! My first bite into the cheese cakes was flooded with sweet memories of eating Kitty's cheesecakes. However, there was one big difference between my cheese cake and Kitty's. Scroll to find out.....

Kitty's cheesecakes were always much prettier! I guess that takes practice!

Day 13

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