Monday, January 3, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog?

This past week during our Sunday night church, Pastor Brett encouraged us to remember stones of remembrance in our life that displayed God's faithfulness to us throughout the course of 2010. Embrace Internship, Graduation, Move to NC, and my 1st "real" career, are a few of my stones of remembrance that display God's goodness and faithfulness in my life.

In the past I have enjoyed blogging. I miss expressing my thoughts through forms of writing. One thing that I love about blogging is the journal of your life that you create.

Hence the challenge.... dare I make this public?

I, Bonnie Kathryn Hunter, will blog/journal once a day for a year. Yes, it is a big challenge. However, my blog/journal entries will not be long. Most of them will probably be mundane and dull to the average reader. In fact, I can place a bet now that my Mom will probably be the only one to read them. :-) Love ya Mom!

So.... Why am I doing this? Simply put.... Stones of Remembrance.

The goal: to remember and record God's daily faithfulness in my life.
The result: a grateful heart along with a journal that only a mother could love. :-)

Challenge Accepted!


Day 1

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