Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black and White Day!

It seems as though every blog day I talk about only summer program preparation. Honestly, my days are consumed with preparing for summer. The closer our reveal day gets, the more excited I get. I am consistently praying for the Lord's blessing upon the kids and summer staff.

Today, I got to see the flyer that I made come to life. The printing company that we decided to use did a superb job! I wanted to cry when I opened that box. The reality of the nearness of summer camp set in today. The website is finished and parents will start enrolling in January.

Now our major task is PROMOTION! If you would like to hang our flyer in your business or would like to help us PROMOTE summer in some way, please comment and let me know! We have got to get the word out and get it out fast! This is going to take the involvement of our whole school and community!

Homecoming dress up was Black and White day today! The kids looked so cute in their formal dress. We also played the bobble head game during lunch. The kids had a pedometer attached to their hats and they had to bobble their heads up and down. The kid with the most number on the pedometer won! HILARIOUS! I laugh thinking about it!

4 more days until we reveal! Blogging the Blessings!

Day 17!

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