Monday, January 24, 2011

Sick Kids + Sick Teacher

Honestly, I am doing better. Colds are just annoying and cause your brain to have momentary bouts of forgetfulness. I was talking to different people today and I am not quite sure all that I said. Hopefully, everything that I said today was comprehendible.

I am getting excited about registration starting for Camp next Monday. I hope that I can encourage our students to invite their family and friends. I have an opportunity tomorrow to speak at CCS chapel. I will be able to share the gospel and be able to talk with the kids about camp. I plan to be loud, goofy, and excited! :-)

In the process of trying to find ways to promote camp, someone introduced me to this website. Check it out! I think that it is a pretty neat website.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="197" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]The Bachelor (TV series)[/caption]

I have spent my night with the bachelor Brad Womack and his crazy bachelorettes. This show is definitely full of drama!

Michelle has her claws out.

Emily is sweet as pie.

Chantal is bold.

Ashley H. has gotten paranoid!

Who is going home....

Blogging the Blessings

Day 22

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