Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Building Websites is NOT for Sissies!

As I am gearing up for the summer program, I have been working on various promotion tasks for the summer camps. One thing that I have desired is to complete is a website that enables parents to register online. I think that it will make the registration process so much easier.

Well, big bad Bonnie decided that since she took a web design class in HIGH SCHOOL that she could build such a basic web page and it would be easy as ABC. I am hear to say YEAH RIGHT! I downloaded my free trial of dreamweaver. I opened it up thinking that I could get it done throughout my day. Well to my surprise dreamweaver was a completely new language that Bonnie Kathryn Hunter did not speak! I have much more respect for web designers now!

The website task has not been completed, but I have full faith that the Lord will point me in the right direction of the person that can help me create a professional looking website that will enable hundreds of parents to enroll their child into summer camp.

Yes you read me right... I said hundreds. As the date gets closer to the time where we will open the first summer camp week, I am getting knots of nervousness in my stomach. I have been praying that we will average at least a hundred or more campers per week. I know that God will send the right children and the right amount of interns to meet our budget needs.

Things I am praying for: Website, Parents of summer Campers, summer campers, Family of Opal McWhorter, Peter and Jessica Cooke, My family, friends, and students, Raleigh Road Baptist Church.


Bonnie Kathryn

Day 3

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