Friday, January 7, 2011

God Sized Moments

Recently a good friend of mine gave me a EvangaCube. I placed the EvangaCube on my desk at school. The kids have been interested in the EvangaCube. They like to turn it and flip through the different pictures. Today, a third grade boy grabbed the EvangaCube off of my desk. He was flipping through the EvangaCube when another boy walked up beside him. My third grader then began to share the gospel with the other child while he was flipping through the EvangaCube. It was a such a powerful moment to hear him explain the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. God is so good and it is awesome to see him work through the life of a child! Absolutely the best part of my day!

Praying for: My Church, My Family, My Friends, My Students. Family of Elizabeth Cooke, Upcoming Summer Program, Churches that will sponsor kids during the summer program.

Day 5

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