Saturday, January 8, 2011

DirectTV exceeds expectations!

I recently cancelled my cable because the service was not that great and my monthly bills were expensivo!

The decision to cancel cable meant that I was in the market for a new T.V. service.

......And the decision is.... DirectTV.

I am so pleased with the service so far. The technician was very knowledgeable on the system and super nice. He took time to show me how to work the remote and to make sure I knew all of the new features I have.

DirectTV was such an upgrade for me. I have had basic cable and no DVR features. I was able to get more channels and a top of the line DVR for a cheaper amount from what I was paying! With DirectTV I am going to save about 30 t0 40 bucks a month! WooHOOOOO!

DirectTV you just got free advertising! :-)

If there is anyone out there reading....let me know what you think about your T.V. service?

That's all for today!

Day 6

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